Wairarapa Rocks: A Two Day Introduction

Event Date: 
Saturday, 12 December 2015 to Sunday, 13 December 2015

The rocks of the Wairarapa hold insights to a marvellous geological history that spans 150 million years, the break-up of Gondwanaland, the submergence of Zealandia, and the advent of the modern continental plate boundary through the region. Despite the age of the rocks, the landscape we see today is remarkably young, geologically speaking, and evolving rapidly. This two day fieldtrip course will provide an introduction to ‘reading the rocks’ that will allow you to piece together the story of how the rocks formed and how they have been moved, uplifted, deformed and eroded into the landscape we see today. 

You will visit key sites in the Wairarapa to get a hands-on experience of geology in the field. Day one will involve travel from Wellington to northern Wairarapa, including stops to discuss faulting and earthquakes, Castlepoint limestone, and Whakataki Beach shore platform, followed by a one-hour seminar in the evening. 

On day two, you will travel to the central and southern Wairarapa with several stops, including Plio-Pleistocene limestones and fossil localities, and the Cape Palliser coast. The excursion will include opportunities to view fossils at localities featured in ‘The Kiwi Fossil Hunter’s Handbook’, and to hear from the author of this book.

For more information visit: http://cce.victoria.ac.nz/courses/362-wairarapa-rocks-a-two-day-introduc...



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